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How is finance the solution to your customers’ needs?

September 12, 2016

As the year starts to wind down and the hype towards Christmas builds, people begin to look at their budgets and think more carefully about where their money is being spent. When it comes to home improvements, these can often fall to the wayside as homeowners reassess what is affordable and within their price range. However, this does not always need to be the case. 

For homeowners, there are a number of reasons why consumer finance is an obvious solution to their financial deliberations.

1. Price does make the difference for many consumers, allocating a large sum of money to an investment can often seem daunting. Consumer Finance allows homeowners to spread the cost of such an investment across a number of instalments. For your clients, this translates to a more affordable solution on their home improvement needs. 

2. Transparency a consumer finance facility, such as the one Pay4Later offers, will allow your team to show homeowners what repayment options are available to them in a clear, straightforward manner. 

3. Ease of application Pay4Later have a simple credit application, making it a breeze for customers to complete online and receive a loan decision in just four seconds.

Offering consumer finance is not just about attracting business but also retaining existing customers. By making a purchase more affordable, simple and easy – you will automatically be improving customer relations and their overall experience. 

The team at Pay4Later are consumer finance experts and are always willing to assist with questions relating to this area. You can easily get in contact with them via email or telephone on 0800 021 7150, simply quote ‘GGFi Finance Facility’ as a reference.