On the pulse: GGFi best placed for the glazing sector

August 17, 2018

The perfect blend of financial expertise and glazing know-how.

City of London glass buildings

One of the unique strengths of GGFi is our position – quite literally in many respects! Not only do we share an office with the leading trade association within the glazing sector in the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF), we are also on the doorstep of the City of London, the heart of the country’s financial sector. This places GGFi in an enviable space with access to the best of both of the worlds in which we operate.

Unique access to glazing expertise

As a provider of bespoke insurance products to the glazing sector, having access to the expertise of the GGF helps us gain a thorough understanding of our clients and their concerns.

The challenges of running a glazing company; the various changes in the technical and regulatory landscape; problems that can arise with supply and manufacturing; all this and more, are things we know affect our clients.

Being the main trade body, the GGF knows this industry inside out, so GGFi can call upon this well of knowledge to help us provide better support to our registered businesses and policyholders.

As GGFi Claims Handler Tom Fellowes (pictured below) asserts, “Having a close relationship with the GGF has been so valuable in helping resolve claims. The knowledge contained there really helps in drilling down into some of the more technical, challenging situations that can arise when our insurance policies are put to the test as a result of a claim.

GGFi Tom Fellowes in GGF Offices

At the heart of the insurance market

Alongside this, GGFi is just around the corner from the City of London and the epicentre of the UK Insurance Market. With the headquarters of numerous large brokers being located here as well as Lloyds of London, this is where the vast majority of insurance business within the UK takes place. This gives us easy access to a lot of insurance resources and enables us to meet quickly with our key partners within the industry.

Jaspreet Harrar – Business Analyst for Correlation Risk Partners who work closely with GGFi in providing IBG products – underlined the value of this: “With GGFi being located so near to our offices, it makes communication so much easier. Of course, things can be discussed over the phone or via email but nothing beats the engagement of a face-to-face meeting. Particularly when faced with complex or involved discussions, it is straightforward for us to meet up with the GGFi team at short notice and go over things in detail.”

There are also a large number of insurance seminars and workshops held within the City of London on a wide variety of relevant topics. Attendance at these events, enables GGFi to ensure that our knowledge of the insurance industry is kept as up to date as possible - market developments and any changes to regulations can have a significant impact on how we operate and therefore by extension, on the services we can provide to you.

By ensuring that we are on the pulse with regards to the glazing sector and the insurance industry, GGFi is well placed to provide our clients with the best of both of these worlds.

If your business requires a quote or policy for glazing work, or you'd like to learn more about our products and services, contact the GGFi team at info@ggfi.org.uk or on 0207 645 3744.