Comprehensive cover for all your business needs

September 14, 2018
Are you insured

As all business owners know, obtaining insurance is a necessity of running any company. Regardless of the size of your business, whether it be a sole trader or a national multi-site firm insurance cover is an important business consideration, as it needs to cover a number of areas to help protect the business financially if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Therefore, as a leading provider of Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) to the glazing market, GGFi appreciates the challenges that companies can face when looking to purchase the most effective insurance products to protect their business. Not only this, we believe it is our responsibility as a provider of insurance products to home improvement businesses to be able to provide our registered companies with a low-hassle and competitive way of obtaining cover.

GGFi Corporate Manager Jim Hooper commented, “Through our experience, we know that as companies grow and change, it’s sometimes easy to overlook something and become exposed to an unconsidered risk. Our aim is to help identify these areas and put in place the protection needed.”

With over thirteen years of experience in the sector, we have worked exceptionally hard to develop a solution that can assist our members with obtaining all forms of business cover, that truly takes into account each individual company’s circumstances and needs. From employers and public liability to fleet cover, tools, professional indemnity and a host of other products, our corporate division is well-placed to assist businesses with sourcing appropriate and comprehensive insurance cover at competitive pricing.

Jim explained the principles behind this service of working with and for our registered businesses. “We fully understand that all businesses are different and that needs can vary considerably, even within the glazing sector. Our approach is to take a bespoke look at each business, fully assess their requirements and take a look at what would work best for them.”

Jim continues, “We want to ensure that GGFi businesses have the best insurance program in place at the most competitive price available. With this in mind, we are happy to visit companies and give them a full insurance ‘health check’ to determine if what they have in place is appropriate and whether there are any gaps in their existing cover. It’s a no-cost, no commitment audit just simply designed to help businesses.”

Dave Mecham, Director of Operations for RISA, commented:

“Putting together our fleet insurance programme was quite a daunting task given the constant additions, alterations and car changes needed in the first quarter. Glen (Cottle, Motor Fleet Account Handler) of GGFi’s Corporate Division was so efficient and responsive he made the whole thing easy for us, doing all the MID notifications and making the whole process simple. I would highly recommend GGFi Corporate’s Fleet Team.”

With a wide variety of clients already using the GGFi corporate service to assist with their business insurance needs, the value of our service speaks for itself. We’re committed to providing a friendly, supportive approach to help companies navigate the insurance maze that they can possibly face.

If you wish to speak to our team to discuss your business needs, explore the options available or discuss a free audit of your existing insurance program and/or needs, please do contact us on or by phoning 01708 606 227.