GGFi records largest ever month in November

December 21, 2018
November calendar

Despite a challenging year for the industry, November saw GGFi record its largest ever month for policies registered.

As we approach the end of the year, there’s no escaping the fact that 2018 has been a challenging time for the industry. The continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit has fed into the wider economic picture and, combined with below average consumer confidence , has led to less work for the glazing sector all round.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem to have impacted upon GGFi’s members and in November this year we recorded our largest ever month in terms of the number of policies registered with us. Given the context of the wider industry, this is an incredible result and is a testament to how our members have moved with the times, honed their own business models and underlined the quality proposition they can provide to customers.

The warranty insurance provider of choice

Such strong performance shows that GGFi continues to grow as the warranty insurance provider of choice to the glazing sector while gaining traction in other areas. This has been achieved not only through the provision of robust, competitively priced cover but also by an uncompromising commitment to delivering the highest levels of service to our clients.

frank allain ggfi head of operations

Frank Allain, GGFi Head of Operations:

"The number of warranty insurance policies – or IBGs – we issue is something that I keep a very close eye on. It’s a fundamental aspect of our business and also a real barometer of how our registered businesses are performing in relation to the economic backdrop.

We’ve seen things improve over the last few months, however when November’s figures were confirmed, I was blown away. Of course, it shouldn’t have been a surprise – companies using GGFi have always demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to business, something that our robust vetting processes frequently discern.

That in late 2018 – with so much uncertainty still sending ripples across the economy – GGFi members can register a record volume of work recorded in a single month is an impressive testament to the scheme and the strength of our members.

Well done everyone! We are now just focussed on looking to use this a platform to move into 2019 and push ourselves even further."

Join GGFi in 2019

If you wish to join the ever-expanding GGFi family and be a part of this, it has never been more straightforward. Apply online to start the process today. Any questions can of course be directed to the team either via or by calling 020 7645 3743.

And don’t forget – if you are already with another IBG provider, you can switch across to the GGFi scheme at no cost. The vetting fee is waived and there is no annual charge, you simply pay for what you use.